See How It Works

The old way of making kindling involved an oversized axe or a small hatchet that gets stuck, and a lot of muscle to swing the axe hard enough to split the wood. There’s a better way!

The K-Axe Kindling Axe… here’s how it works.

An ingenious patented design has revolutionized the kindling axe.  Now you can cut and pry apart, using the power of leverage to split wood rather than brute force chopping the old fashioned way. 

Why is the K-Axe kindling axe so amazing?

Take a look at 12-year old Laine, using her kindling axe for the first time. She’s having a blast! When even a child can use the K-Axe without tremendous strength or injury and has fun doing it, you know it must be a great kindling axe!


Now you can enjoy splitting kindling for your fireplace!