• K-Axe and W-Axe

    More efficient than traditional axes and hatchets. Less Work.

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  • The K-Axe

    Innovative, patented design. Splits kindling faster, easier.

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  • Wilderness Axe

    A K-Axe and a traditional hatchet in one. The best of both worlds. Buy the best survival axe around!

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K-Axe, the better, safer kindling axe

Need a kindling axe, a survival axe, hunting axe or a hatchet?

You’ve never seen anything like this before. We created an axe so revolutionary that you’ll wonder how you lived without a K-Axe or a Wilderness Axe!

If you’re camping, hunting or just trying to survive in the wilderness, the Wilderness Axe is the best all-around tool, period. It combines the best of the unique K-Axe design and a traditional hatchet, to form one amazing tool for survivalists, hikers, campers, hunters and anyone who wants something more useful than just a plain old hatchet!

If you’re just trying to make kindling with your fireplace without having to swing a heavy dangerous axe, then the K-Axe is for you. Pair it with one of our Chopping Blocks to stabilize the wood, and you have an attractive tool that looks as great by your fireplace mantel as it is incredibly practical and useful. Hatchets can’t always cut it because you’re using brute force to split the wood — but the K-Axe uses leverage, so your work is easier and safer.  Small and light, the K-Axe is so easy to use that splitting kindling  becomes enjoyable! Feel the Power, Enjoy the Fun! 


K-Axe = Kindling Axe

Tired of getting your hatchet stuck when you split kindling?

The K-Axe, our innovative kindling axe, incorporates a patented revolutionary design that uses leverage to split wood.   Simply set the axe head and pry down.  The power of leverage breaks the wood apart.  It won’t get stuck like hatchets do.  You don’t have to use the force of a splitting maul. The K-Axe works faster, better, safer than any other kindling axe on the market.  Try it!  Experience the Power!

When you want a kindling axe, just say K-Axe!



Read about the K-Axe in the latest edition of Cascade Business News!

All K-Axe kindling axes are Made in the USARead about the K-Axe kindling axe in Cascade Business News


In the Bend Oregon area, purchase the K-Axe kindling axe at Bend Spa & Hearth

In the Bend Oregon area, purchase the K-Axe at Bend Spa & Hearth